At Summer Plaza, we have a beautiful indoor swimming pool.

Plunge in the water, have a merry-time with your kids in the pool, or just relax by the pool side. Here, the water is your playground! Pamper yourself at the Spa, rejuvenate your senses by the gushing spray of water jets that massage you in the Jacuzzi or warm up in the Sauna. You can also de-stress yourself at the fully equipped gym.

The best fun times begin and end at Summer Plaza. Summer Plaza celebrates the joy of holidaying providing you sky-rocketing fun.

Here, you can be sure that you’ll be fully entertained with our :

* Hi-tech Gymnasium

* Swimming pool

* Spa to rejuvenate at the end of the day.

* Indoor Games of Table Tennis & Carom

* Outdoor China Park (for kids)

* Beautiful Jain Temple

* Skating Ring

If you want to holiday like never before Summer Plaza is the place for you

Experience great holidays at Summer Plaza Resort … and you will only come back for more!

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